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Hamilton Review: Disney Plus Brings a Powerhouse Musical Home ...Never Satisfied: Angelica Schuyler's Story โ€“ Femnista1. Hamilton ๐ŸŒŸ

“History has it’s eyes on you”… Hamilton is my favourite musical ever I think. I first discovered it 5 years ago and listened to the whole soundtrack in one day whilst sorting through the clutter in my room via Marie Kondo methods. Lin-Manuel Miranda really is a talent. Now, 5 years later and I have finally been able to see the Original Broadway version and Cast performance as Hamilton has recently been released on Disney Plus, a great way to celebrate the ease of the current Lockdown. I have also seen the West End version of the show for my 18th birthday a few weeks before I found out I was going to New York for the first time. And of course in New York I had to get picture outside of the Richard Rogers theatre where Hamilton has been playing on Broadway. Bringing together elements of history and knowledge whilst also embellishing and fictionalising through rap and hip hop style of music, Hamilton is a must listen to for any musical theatre fan.

Song Recommendation- ‘Satisfied”ย 

Wicked - IMDb

Idina Menzel Admits That She Is Too Old To Play On Screen Elphaba ...2. Wicked ๐Ÿงน

When I went to New York for my 18th birthday, me and my mum were able to snag some tickets to see Wicked on one of our last days there. Even after many years on Broadway, Wicked is still as popular as it ever was, and therefore the only seats left for the show were in the front left hand corner. Despite having an obstructed view for only a few moments, being able to say that I have seen a Broadway show sat front row in New York City, it probably has to be one of my favourite moments from the trip. We were able to see all of the details on stage, every action, movement, mannerism, facial expression and twitch in body language, the type of things you wouldn’t be able to see sat all the way up in the gods tier. As well as being able to see the details of makeup on their face and the spit come out of their mouth as they sang, it was quite the experience. And how could I not mention that the very attractive actor playing Fiyero smiled at me, so there was that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Song Recommendation- “Defying Gravity”.

Les Miserables Fan Casting on myCast

New cast announced for Les Miserables | WhatsOnStage3. Les Miserables ๐Ÿงฅ

So, I still haven’t seen Les Mis in a musical theatre show. I know?! What am I playing at? I really need to get on that. And actually I was going to, I was planning on perhaps going with a friend to see Les Mis this summer, but due to Coronavirus and Lockdown that hasn’t been possible. Though as soon as theatre do start reopening in the future, this is the first musical I will want to see. I have seen the film of Les Mis and the 50th anniversary concert, but still yet to see the musical itself. I’m interested to see if Cosette is as annoying as she is in the other versions I’ve seen. Can’t we all agree, that Eponine and Fantine are the better female characters? Maybe I can just relate to Eponine more. Despite being a highly depressing musical, the music and history surrounding it are extraordinary and I look forward to the first time I can experience it in person.

Song Recommendation- “On My Own”.ย 

New Poster Art for Broadway-Bound Waitress Leaves No Doubt About ...Long-Running Hit Waitress Begins Final Six Months on Broadway ...4. Waitress ๐Ÿฅง

Continuing the now birthday musical tradition, after seeing Hamilton in 2018, I then saw Waitress in 2019. This was a really amazing show to see live and the character of Dawn was so relatable. Unfortunately, it has finished it’s run at the West End,ย  but is doing a tour around the UK, so if you get a chance to see it at some point I highly recommend. Based on the film of the same name and with all of the songs written by Sara Bareilles, it really is a great modern musical.

Song Recommendation- “She Used To Beย  Mine”.ย 

Dear Evan Hansen - WikipediaBen Platt Leads Powerful 'Dear Evan Hansen' To Broadway โ€“ Review ...5. Dear Evan Hansen ๐Ÿ‘•

I have not been able to see Dear Evan Hansen yet. Again, I was planning on seeing it at some point this year, however, due to Lockdown that has proved to not be possible. I’m not sure if it will be coming back to the West End next year, but hopefully it will. The songs of this musical are really inspiring and I relate to the lyrics on a deep level. This musical can really relate to anyone who have ever felt alone or an outsider, or felt like they didn’t have anyone to talk to, no one who really understands them, listen to You Will Be Found to remind you that you aren’t alone, there are people out there that care about you. The book written based on the musical is really good as well, if you haven’t seen the musical yet I would give that a read.

Song Recommendation- “You Will Be Found’.ย 

Pretty Woman: The Musical at Piccadilly Theatre, LondonPretty Woman: The Musical' announces August closing date on ...6. Pretty Woman ๐Ÿ‘—

Pretty Woman isย one of my mum’s favourite films, so I booked tickets for her birthday in December. This show started out on Broadway with Samantha Barks as Vivian- who played Eponine in the film version of Les Mis. Then it came to the West End in the UK for Valentines day and me and my mum saw it on march the 7th a few weeks just before Lockdown really took effect. Looking back perhaps it was risky for us to go but worth it as it was our swan song before we all got trapped inside out houses for 4 months. Great show with all music written by Bryan Adams, so even better.

Song Recommendation- ” Anywhere But Here”.ย 

The poster for the Off-Broadway production of Heathers #musicals ...

Heathers the Musical Cast Recording Out March 2019 - Backstage Bristol7. Heathers ๐Ÿ’ฃ

Unfortunately, I never got to see Carrie Hope Fletcher’s version of the Heathers musical at the West End as it was only out for a few months and I was a little late to the party. But from the clips I’ve seen recorded from the show on YouTube it did look like a really amazing show. And the soundtrack is incredible. Maybe one day it will come back to the West End and I will be able to see it somehow.

Song Recommendation- “Seventeen”.

Six (musical) - WikipediaSIX coming to Liverpool drive-in as only live musical being ...8. Six ๐Ÿ‘‘

I really hope to see this musical soon, somehow. I’ve always been a bit of a history buff anyway, me and my mum have watched all the historical drama TV shows out there- everything from Downton Abbey, to Poldark. So this musical is really great for bringing together actual history of past Queens of England and modern rap, hip hop and pop music for a musical of female empowerment and energy. Just from the album on Spotify alone, I can highly recommend.

Song Recommendation- “Ex Wives”.ย 

Dreamgirls Tickets | Savoy Theatre | London, UK - London TheatreDreamgirls tickets - Savoy Theatre | TheatreTickets.uk9. Dream Girls ๐ŸŽค

I love love love the film version of Dream Girls as well as the time period of the story. They couldn’t have gotten better than Jennifer Hudson as Effie and Beyonce as Deena. I would love to see the musical version of this story one day. Such songs as Listen, And I Am Telling You and It’s Over have became Home Alone Singing Favourites.

Song Recommendation- “And I Am Telling You”.ย 

Hairspray the Musical Theatre Costumes for Hire for Stage and ...Hairspray Live! musical to be streamed for free | WhatsOnStage10. Hairspray ๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

I first became really obsessed with Hairspray a few years ago when we were doing a performance from the show in dance class along with Grease andย  Mamma Mia. whilst the performance was cringy as hell and its something I’d rather forget, it still made Hairspray become one of my faves, a classic among musicals.

Song Recommendation- “You Can’t Stop The Beat”.ย 

Hope you enjoyed my list of some of my favourite musicals,

Gem x


4 thoughts on “MY TOP 10 MUSICALS

  1. Well, only two of the musicals on your top ten are part of mine. It is not fully accurate, but the top two are- they are basically tied

    1. Wicked- saw the stage show four times
    2. Les Mis- saw the stage show six times, but the love started when I gave the film a 2nd chance
    3. Annie
    4. Sound of Music
    5. Phantom of the Opera
    6. Rent
    7. Newsies
    8. Beauty and the Beast
    9. Lion King
    10. Aladdin

    Well, Wicked sparked the love for musicals while Les Mis turned that love into a passion. So it was a combo of my family, Wicked, and Les Mis made me the fan of musicals I am today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, two of those are in my top ten.

    1. Wicked- saw it three times
    2. Les Mis- saw it six times

    Well, those two musicals are actually tied for my favorite

    3. Annie
    4. Sound of Music
    5. Phantom of the Opera
    6. Rent
    7. Newsies
    8. Beauty and the Beast
    9. Aladdin
    10. Lion King

    Liked by 1 person

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