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My Top Three Classic Christmas Films

The Holiday

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The Holiday.

Not iconically known as a Christmas film, but more of a romcom set around the holidays. Wow i just got that! Was the title always a pun?…. Anyway, mixed with two American and two UK actors, this film presents a light-hearted romance and a festive flick. 4 stars.

Love, Actually

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Similar to The Holiday, Love, Actually is another romcom festive flick that centers around more main characters that weave into each others lives in some way and presents different stories of relationships over the Christmas period. 5 stars.


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Hilariously funny, and an instant Christmas fave. ELF follows Buddy, a human who climbed into Santa’s sack and was taken to the north pole where he was raised as an ELF, until he goes on a search for his real father in our society. 5 stars.

Bonus Recommendation- Fred Claus

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